Monday, May 27, 2013

Back to School Postcards and Fraction Benchmarks

Back to School Postcards- Freebie!

This postcard is the perfect way to reach out and make a connection with your students before school begins. Your students will love getting mail from their soon-to-be teacher!

I sent this postcard to my students before school started last year. I took this document to my local print shop and asked them to print it double sided to look like a postcard. This document includes the front and the back of the postcard. Click here to download this freebie.  I would LOVE comments as well :)
Classroom freebies

Back to School Personalized Postcards- Bundle

If you like the freebie and you would like to see more, check out my bundle pack of PERSONALIZED postcards.  There are 24 different designs included. I can personalize the postcards as well. Just email me at with which design and your name or grade you would like on the postcard.  Click here to view this product.

Fraction Benchmark

I just finished a fun activity that I am using this week to teach fraction benchmarks.  This is a wonderful resource to help students learn to estimate fractions on a number line.  Students will estimate whether each fraction is closer to 0, 1/2, or 1.  Click here to purchase this activity from my Teachers Notebook store for $2.00.
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the freebie!

  2. Cute products! thank you for the freebie!

    Cheers To School

  3. I just love those postcards! Too cute! I found you on Manic Monday and I'm your newest follower!

    The First Grade Scoop

    1. Thanks Angie! I hope you enjoy them.

  4. Hi Bre,
    Found you through Made It Monday- I love the post cards! I'm sure my kids will be excited to get them in August!
    Thank you!!
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

    1. Thanks Karli! I love sending my kids postcards before school started. It's always hard to find the perfect one, so I decided to make my own :)


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