Thursday, May 2, 2013

End of the Year Freebie and May Currently

This freebie is great for the end of the year. Students will write a letter to the upcoming students. A letter format is provided and students will fill in the blank. An example is also included. Click on the picture below to download this freebie.  Enjoy!

End of the Year Activity- Student Letter to Upcoming Students

It's that time...the beginning of May.  I can't believe this school year is almost over!  We get out June 14th, so I still have a little while.  But the countdown for summer is on.  I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly "Currently". 

Make sure to stop by Oh' Boy 4th Grade's blog to link up for "Currently". It's a fun way to connect with other bloggers and check out their amazing blogs.  I love blog-hopping :)
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  1. So I have to come over and check my twin out!! Hope your wardrobe dreams come true!!

  2. First, I love the freebie! What a cute idea. I wish I lived close enough to a beach to go all summer! Sadly, we only get to go once a year! It's also on my Bucket list to get all my files organized, and I'm really hoping I get that crossed off this summer! I also teach 3rd! I'm following you now from Farley's! : )


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  3. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I love going to the beach. It's about a 3 hour drive so not too bad. I'm going right to your blog to follow you!! Love finding other third grade blogs.

  4. Thanks for the freebie!
    Be sure to stop by my blog and enter my ETA hand2mind Fraction set giveaway!

    1. Thanks Autumn. Ill definitely stop by!


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