Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Good Readers Do

Last week after a lesson on inferences I asked my students why they thought we were learning this skill.  Their answers included, “So we can get 100%”, “To fill out the worksheet”, and many other answers that made me bite my tongue.  I finally got the answer I wanted from a student I didn’t necessarily expect it from.  She said so that we can be better readers. 
This really got me thinking.  I want my students to understand WHY we are working so hard on our reading strategies.  Not to get the good grade, but to become better readers.
Today we discussed what a good reader looks like and what they do.  After brainstorming, we used our journals to draw a picture of themselves and list good “reader” habits.  It turned out really cute and my students got a lot out of it.  Take a look at our pictures below. 
Did I mention that I CANNOT draw?
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  1. I found you from Teaching Blog Addict and I love your poster! Stick figures make the best teaching tools sometimes, I think!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Yeah, stick figures are the best I can do :). I'm excited to visit your blog.

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  3. Hi there. Great idea. Today, I introduced my first graders to making connections while reading. I asked why we were taking the time to learn this. I too, had to remind them that it was all about Good Reader Strategies!

    You are not that bad a drawer, either.

    Thanks for the inspiration; I'm your newest follower.

    Mr. Giso's Room to Read


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