Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pourquoi Tales

Pourquoi Tales PowerPoint

Your students will LOVE this 14 page PowerPoint. It explains what pourquoi tales are and gives examples. Videos are directly embedded into the PowerPoint that show the following pourquoi tales: why zebras have stripes, how tiger got his stripes, why koala has a stubby tail, why bats fly at night, why parrots are colorful, and why elephant has a long trunk. In addition, the last four slides are organizers so that students can create their own pourquoi tale. Click on the picture below to check out this PowerPoint from my Teachers Notebook store. $2.50

Write Your Own Pourquoi Tale

This is a five page freebie where students will write their own pourquoi tales.  An organizer is provided as well as helpful information.  Click on the picture below to check out this FREEBIE from my Teachers Notebook store. 
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